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  • 140€ for each card, we accept safe payments via:

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  • +0.00€ free shipping to all EU countries
  • +0.00€ shipping to USA & Canada
  • +0.00€ shipping to Australia & Oceania
  • +0.00€ shipping to Asia

Delivery Time

  • We offer quick shipping with all of our Fake IDs within 1-3 days than being sent out. That's why we can guarantee 14 days customer delivery time or return money.

Superior quality

  • Holos, UV print, microprint and much more.
  • Exact tones, colours and contrasts on cards
  • Our templates are made 1:1 by original docs.
  • We don't print any extra signs or our logo.
  • We use to print only superior PVC cards
  • Size of card is 85,6*54mm, thickness 0,76mm
  • Retransfer printing = best quality guaranteed

Safety & stealth

  • Bitcoin payment allows you to have anonymous and difficulty in tracing origin.
  • All packages are shipped discreetly from Europe with no markings indicating package contents

  • After your shipment has arrived we securely wipe any and all data associated with your order.
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