• Super Fast and Affordable Services! For regular customers discounts guaranteed!

Our Pricing

  • 140€ for each card, we accept safe payments via:

Shipping cost

  • +0.00€ free shipping to all EU countries
  • +0.00€ shipping to USA & Canada
  • +0.00€ shipping to Australia & Oceania
  • +0.00€ shipping to Asia

Delivery Time

  • We offer quick shipping with all of our Fake IDs within 1-3 days than being sent out. That's why we can guarantee 14 days customer delivery time or return money.

Superior quality

  • Holos, UV print, microprint and much more.
  • Exact tones, colours and contrasts on cards
  • Our templates are made 1:1 by original docs.
  • We don't print any extra signs or our logo.
  • We use to print only superior PVC cards
  • Size of card is 85,6*54mm, thickness 0,76mm
  • Retransfer printing = best quality guaranteed

Safety & stealth

  • Bitcoin payment allows you to have anonymous and difficulty in tracing origin.
  • All packages are shipped discreetly from Europe with no markings indicating package contents

  • After your shipment has arrived we securely wipe any and all data associated with your order.
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Questions & Answers quick help :)

How do I pay?
We offer a variety of payment options to make the payment more accessible to you. We prefer bitcoin as it’s safest and fastest method to getting your order out the door. We do however also take Western Union which would be sent to an international exchanger for us to receive bitcoins.

How should I take my photo?
Stand against a wall, solid color. Wear clothes that contrast well, get your shoulders and face in it. Make sure its in a bright room, use HQ picture and make sure your hair isn't messy.

I submitted wrong signature!
If we notice you submitted a wrong signature we will default to our own signature for you. If you provided a not so good one, we will supply our own as well.

Is there a shipping price?
At this moment we offer free shipping to all EU countries & rest of world

Will Customs seize my ID?
You need not have any fears. Unlike the China manufacturers, we are EU based. We make and ship from within the EU so there is no Customs to worry about.

Will there by any mention of EuFakes or IDs on the shipping label?
We ship discretly. There is no advertising or mention of our name. We use regular cardboard mailers and the shipping label has no mention of anything either. By looking at our packaging or label one can not infer what is inside.

Can I have tracking number?
You can ask us to check your order’s tracking if you have not received your shipment within 10 delivery days (Monday-Saturday) after receiving the shipping notification for your order.

How is my data handled?
After uploading your ID details, your information is immediately retrieved and dispatched for printing; we do not store your personal information on our servers. After your shipment has arrived we securely wipe any and all data associated with your order.