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Our Pricing

  • 140€ for each card, we accept safe payments via:

Shipping cost

  • +0.00€ free shipping to all EU countries
  • +0.00€ shipping to USA & Canada
  • +0.00€ shipping to Australia & Oceania
  • +0.00€ shipping to Asia

Delivery Time

  • We offer quick shipping with all of our Fake IDs within 1-3 days than being sent out. That's why we can guarantee 14 days customer delivery time or return money.

Superior quality

  • Holos, UV print, microprint and much more.
  • Exact tones, colours and contrasts on cards
  • Our templates are made 1:1 by original docs.
  • We don't print any extra signs or our logo.
  • We use to print only superior PVC cards
  • Size of card is 85,6*54mm, thickness 0,76mm
  • Retransfer printing = best quality guaranteed

Safety & stealth

  • Bitcoin payment allows you to have anonymous and difficulty in tracing origin.
  • All packages are shipped discreetly from Europe with no markings indicating package contents

  • After your shipment has arrived we securely wipe any and all data associated with your order.
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Bitcoin how to pay? step by step

Go to http://www.coindesk.com/calculator/ and enter the amount you need in euro or just fill the order then we will calculate it for You.
ALWAYS buy $5 more than you need as Bitcoin rates can go up and down though out the day, and partial payments are refunded by our payment system.

1) Create a wallet – Somewhere to put your coins: e.g.. blockchain.info, Mycelium app, breadwallet app, Circle app, etc. so many out there. It is IMPORTANT to create your own wallet first and send the coins you buy to your own wallet first!
The Easiest Wallet: Breadwallet App / Blockchain App

2) If you created it on your desktop, download the app to your smart phone.
Places to Buy Bitcoins:
   a) www.bitquick.co
   b) www.coinbase.com
   c) www.quickbit.com (Buy with Interac for Canadians)
   d) Localbitcoins.com
   e) www.quadrigacx.com (Canadian Customers)
   f) Search Google for a Bitcoin atm in your city (takes cash, gives you Bitcoins – Easiest & Fastest Method)

3) Purchase your bitcoins.
You don’t have to buy 1 or 2 bitcoins, you may buy decimal amounts ie 0.05btc / 0.0675btc etc – according to what you need.
Please note all ATM’s etc take a % for a transaction fee – always calculate that when purchasing your bitcoins as typically you’ll need to buy 3-5% more than your order purchase price.

4) Proceed to www.eufakes.com and place your order!!

5) It is IMPORTANT to buy your bitcoins and send them to your own wallet first, before ordering from us. Sometimes it takes a few hours after you first order your bitcoins, before they arrive in your wallet. (with an ATM this is instant)

Voila! You’re Done!

If You have any question please contact us by mail or contact form below:

Our E-mail address: orders@eufakes.com